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About Automated Test Systems

Our Automated Test Systems are built for functional test, diagnostics and repair of Electronics, Telecommunication & Radar systems, Avionics, Aerospace & Defense. Application include testing of AC and DC power generators communication test systems, radar systems as well as wide range of associated electronics.

Open architecture for hardware and software permits complete flexibility to configure and integrate any third party instrumentation with the customer hardware.

Test Code Development services provide software development & planning assistance for Automated Test Environment (ATE) engineering and manufacturing test systems. This system will proficiently meet your needs as defined by a specification. If a specification is not available, it can be developed as part of the Test System Design service or as a formal System Requirement Development process depending on the size and complexity of the anticipated final system. Our Consultants apply expertise along with test automation experience to automate your measurements, optimize test effectiveness & system performance & and minimize test time.

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