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Sales Consultation

Through partnerships with leading industry players we are confident that we are equipped to handle a majority of your Test & Measurement needs. We understand that your test & measurement needs are diverse, and hence offer consultation services for customers in all industry sectors that use Test & Measurement instruments. Our consultation services aim to offer guidance and assistance to support:

  • Engineers working in an Aerospace & Defense organization looking for an ATE to test the TX/RX modules
  • Engineers working in oil company repairing mobile phones / walkie-talkies.
  • R&D students working for Research and Development company
  • Managers starting a calibration / Metrology lab.
  • Domain Names
  • Amatures in operating Test Instruments like Digital Multimeter, Signal generator etc.
  • Scientists designing a satellite to be launched.

Rental Consultation

Recently Lots of new Electronics companies are being formed in order to carryout manufacturing, Hardware design, or design and development of the related Softwares. These companies are operating or stared operation in order to address the new requirements in the fields of Semiconductors, Aerospace & Defense, Consumer Electronics (related to manufacture of in the Mobile Phones) or mobile operators etc. It is a common Phenomenon that these organization need to invest huge amounts to purchase of electronic Test Instruments. It is a very a very delicate situation, gone are the days where a manufacturer can produce an untested unfinished electronic item and still manage to find buyers in the market. In this new age of competition, heightened customer expectation and market regulation you cannot produce good quality products without testing, Sophisticated Test Instruments comes at a higher cost as they are not manufactured in India therefore huge investments are involved. Clearly there is a huge work liability on the senior managements to convince the stake holders to make an investment to purchase test Instruments and evolve new strategies to successfully use them. A point to be noted that there is always a factor of risk is involved, risk factor can come in any form expected, unexpected or due to natural reasons. You will come to know the project you have is going to be successful or not only after 2-3 years of operation from the date of commencement. Successfully implemented and conducive business climate can convert into a Golden Rice boul or not.

"AptTest" engineers can really come to your rescue at this critical juncture and help you mitigate risk. As they can find Test Instrument companies who can act as investors and sponsor your projects and help you to gain access to new Test instruments of your choice. Since these instruments are rented to you, you will be operating on your maintenance budget (instead of capital budget) there.

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