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Network ID Kit

Designed Specifically for Network Maintenance Professionals

The CableTracker Network Tone and Probe Kit model CTK1015 is designed for network managers and technicians. Toning an active LAN circuit can disrupt network traffic and is difficult to track due to cable twist and tone bleed. The CableTracker Network Tone and Probe Kit features a Port ID function that blinks the link light verifying cable connectivity. This feature also provides a simple and effective method to identify switch or hub port assignments on active networks. Three different blink rates are provided to ensure compatibility with equipment from a wide range of manufacturers. Traditional toning with two different tone frequencies and patterns is provided for non-active circuit tracing.


Blink the Link Lights to ID Ports

Tone and probe kits were designed for one primary mission; to identify the termination point of a cable. Unfortunately, these were designed for telephony, not network maintenance. Why else would they have RJ-11 plugs? CableTracker is different. CableTracker incorporates 3 link light activation speeds to easily identify user cable termination ports by simply looking for the blinking lights. Why three? Because ethernet switches do not react the same to activation. Three speeds ensures the widest compatibility available.

Easy Ethernet or Telephony Connection

Most toners on the market offer RJ-11 hard-wired modular connection. That's because they were built for the phone company. This does nothing for the LAN technician and ethernet RJ-45 jacks or patch cords. The CableTracker Network ID Kit was designed to accommodate both ethernet and telephony cabling. Simply connect to the LAN with either the female RJ-45 jack or directly to the wallplate with the included RJ-45 patch cord. The Cabletracker even provides alligator clips for punch down blocks or non-terminated cables.

Time Saving Features with You in Mind

The Cabletracker incorporates several time and money saving features not found on other kits. The RJ-45 male connection and the alligator clips are detachable and commonly available, meaning cord failure won't obsolete your tester. Auto power down extends battery life and a built-in low battery indicator warns when battery replacement is required, saving unexpected down time searching for batteries. The CableTracker Network Probe Model CT15 incorporates volume control, non-conductive plastic tip, and complete compatibility with existing toners.


1. Activate link lights to identify a connected hub or switch port

2. Transmits four audible tones

3. RJ-45 male or female connection

4. Detachable DMM alligator clips

5. Detects short or open circuits

6. CableTracker Network ID Kit

Physical Charecteristics

Signal Generator (CT10)


3.0 in x 2.4 in. x 1.4 in. 76 mm x 66 mm x 36 mm

Probe (CT15)


8.0 in x 1.4 in. x 1.5 in. 203 mm x 36 mm x 38 mm

Power Supply

One 9 volt battery each. for CT10 and CT15


Operating Temperature

32°F to 122°F / 0°C to 50°C

Storage Temperature

14°F to 131°F / -10°C to 55°C

CT10 Signal Frequencies


1000 Hz pulsed


8kHz pulsed

CT15 Reception Frequencies


100 - 20000 Hz


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