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Copper patch-cord testing with WireXpert

Fast and accurate dual-ended testing

Test your patch-cords with WireXpert

Poor quality patch-cords are often cause of under-performance of otherwise good quality cabling channels. It is a good practice to confirm the performance of purchased patch-cords.

WireXpert offers an efficient way for quickly identifying and recording the performance of patch-cords. With its fast and accurate dual-ended testing, WireXpert's patch-cord test kits are suitable for both manufacturing testing, as well as for incoming inspection at end user premises.

WireXpert patch-cord test kits are available for testing CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6A, and CAT7/7A patch-cords.


WireXpert offers standards based patch-cord testing for all industry standard performance levels for patch-cord testing. You can test CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6A, and even CAT7 and CAT7A patch cords using patch-cord adapters suitable for testing cords with required performance grade.

Graphical menu on WireXpert makes it easy to choose TIA or ISO limit for patch-cords of given length. WireXpert tests a patch-cord from both ends for all parameters in a single 10 second Autotest.


1. Fast, 10-seconds autotest performs dual ended patch-cord certification testing

2. Intuitive selection of test configuration and limits

3. Kits available testing against all ISO and TIA patch-cord standards

4. Support for user-defined customized test limits

5. Seamless reporting in ReportXpert software with copper test results

6. Automated standards based label creation, one label per patch-cord

7. Easy replacement of worn out patch-cord test jacks without opening the adapter


> Improve productivity of technicians with easy settings and fast testing

> Single Autotest tests from both ends: eliminate wastage of time and potential errors

> Only one test report per patch-cord makes report generation and test results management easy

> No risk of damaging the adapters while replacing test jacksm as test jacks are located external to the plastic housing of adapter



WX_AD_6A_PCORD2 CAT6A patch cord test kit

Other Parts

WX_AC_6A_PCTEST_JACK2 A pair of CAT6A patch-cord test jacks

WX_AC_6_PCTEST_JACK2 A pair of CAT6 patch-cord test jacks

WX_AC_5e_PCTEST_JACK2 A pair of CAT5e patch-cord test jacks

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