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Testing high performance twisted pair cabling

WireXpert 4500 provides accurate measurements over a wide bandwidth from 1MHz to 2.5GHz, making it the tester of choice for certifying high performance cabling systems like Class FA and proposed CAT8.

Class FA

WireXpert 4500 is the first cable tester to meet the proposed level V accuracy specifications (ISO/IEC 61935-1 ed.4) required for certifying Class FA cabling. In fact, a majority of Class FA cables installed world-wide are certified using WireXpert. Class FA certification testing is performed over full standards defined frequency range from 1MHz through 1000MHz. Both TERA and GG45/ARJ45 interfaces are available through WireXpert test adapters. Adapters are also available for testing CAT7A patch-cords.

Proposed Category 8

WireXpert 4500 is the first cable certifier to offer test limits for proposed CAT8 (draft 0.7) cabling. It performs testing to 2.5GHz and shows plots for comparing measurement parameters against the proposed limits. This is very helpful in determining if a given cabling channel is likely to meet CAT8 requirements.

Our new 40GBASE-T resource page provides latest information about this emerging technology and standardization activities.


WireXpert offers comprehensive certification capability for Class FA systems. The standards for specifying field tester accuracy categorize the performance by 'levels'. A draft accuracy spec from IEC (61935-1 ed4) specifies "level V" test instruments for Class FA cabling certification. WireXpert far exceeds this proposed spec both in terms of measurement bandwidth and accuracy.


1.Autotest Class FA links and channels takes just 15 seconds

2. First tester in the industry with measurement bandwidth far exceeding Class FA requirements


> Class FA testing capabilities praised by reputed vendors

> 15 seconds Class FA autotest with accuracy you can trust

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