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Coax Cable Solution

WireXpert's unique test solution for Coax Cable

Coax Cabling solution has a wide RF measurements frequency range of 1-2400 MHz. The Autotest takes about 15 seconds and both dual-ended and single-ended testing can be performed. There are customizable test limits for insertion loss and return loss


With coax test adapters, WireXpert supports testing of coaxial cables for attenuation and return loss over a wide frequency band.

Test Parameters include:

Insertion Loss v/s frequency

Return Loss v/s frequency

Measured from both ends in dual-ended mode

For single-ended mode, a remote termination is required

DC resistance


Simple one-time Reference process for the local and remote units to pair with each-other. ReportXpert PC software provides full graphical reports which can be converted to pdf reports including all measurement plots.


1. RF measurements frequency range: 1-2400 MHz

2. Autotest time: 15 seconds

3. Customizable test limits for insertion loss and return loss

4. Both dual-ended and single-ended tests

Physical Charecteristics

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