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Sofing IT Networks

Founded in 2003 as Psiber Data, and as a sister company of Psiber Data Systems Inc. USA, Psiber was acquired by Softing AG in January 2014.

Softing AG is a publicly traded Germany company, specializing in software developed for industrial and automation, automotive electronics and manufacturing, as well as hardware/ software solutions for IT Network solutions. The company was founded in 1979 and its headquarters are in Haar, near Munich. In fiscal 2017, Softing employed 415 employees and had a turnover of 79 million euros.

The competencies of Softing IT Networks are complemented by the Softing Industrial division’s expertise in networking industrial worlds and Softing Automotive’s expertise in evaluating the functionality of electronic vehicle components.

Softing IT Networks specializes in measurement equipment for testing, qualifying, certifying and documenting the performance of copper and fiber-optic IT cabling based on global technological standards.

Whether it is used for telecommunications, databases, mainframes or plant engineering in the field of industrial automation, the professional measurement equipment from Softing IT Networks will help you optimize the performance of your data communication through faster, more secure connections over the entire lifecycle of your network.

With the rapidly growing and all-encompassing networking of people, things and services (Internet of Everything/IoE), powerful and reliable IT networks have already become the backbone of our modern world.

The failure of such networking infrastructure can lead to data loss and is almost always very costly. This is why it is so important to prevent unplanned network outages. To make this possible and ensure a rapid response in the event of network faults, installers, system integrators and network operators, need access to powerful and professional measurement equipment.

Our measurement equipment makes it possible to ensure the physical efficiency and high quality of communication between network components.

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Beijing Starpoint Technology Company Limited.

Since founded in January 2001, "Beijing StarPoint Technology Co"., Ltd. has always focused on researching and innovating in new technology and products of wireless communications. StarPoint supplies high quality measurement equipment in mobile communication and broadband wireless access terminals among 2G, 3G and 4G, which ensures the quality of our clients' products.

StarPoint has a lot of patents and Computer Software Copyrights. StarPoint is the China's leading R&D and manufacturer of communications test set, terminal RRM conformance test system, protocol analyzer, universal software defined radio platform and etc... In 3G, our company developed the world-first communications test set that supports the TD-SCDMA formats which finally completed the TD-SCDMA industry chain in China. Besides, our products cover most of the major technology formats in terminal testing - GSM, GPRS, EDGE, WCDMA, LTE, WLAN,CMMB and etc... StarPoint use the ISO9001 quality management system to ensure that we are providing the most reliable products and solutions to our clients.

We always trust that the innovation leads the future. By holding this belief, StarPoint will continue researching and innovating in electronics and telecommunications information technologies continuously. We aim to make a contribution to improve the quality of our clients' products.

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Transcom Instruments

Transcom Instruments founded in 2005 and headquartered in Shanghai, is a leading manufacturer and provider of RF and wireless communication testing instruments and overall solutions in China. Based on its independent brands and a wide range of core patented technologies, Transcom became national high-tech enterprise with independent intelligent property rights and has been listed into Shanghai Enterprise Recognition Award for High Growth SMEs in Technology.

Transcom is backed by an experienced and dedicated research team in mobile communication, radio frequency and microwave, and network optimization testing instrument. Through “Industry-University-Research” cooperation with universities, Transcom founded Southeast University-Transcom Electronic Measurement Technology Center at Southeast University to further ensure technology and talent reserve, and secure future visionary and sustainable technology development.

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