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Psiber Data Pvt. Ltd.

Psiber Data is a fast growing technology company focused on delivering test and measurement solutions to communications infrastructure market. Instrumentation for structured cabling installation and Ethernet network testing are some of the key markets Psiber addresses.

In early 2011, Psiber demonstrated technology leadership with the introduction of WireXpert, the cable certification tester. This is the first instrument in the world capable of certifying cables up to 2500 MHz. The instrument is already proving its worth in several high-end cabling installations in Europe and elsewhere. Industry experts have commented that the introduction of WireXpert will act as one of the technology enablers and a catalyst in standardizing 40G bits/sec standard over copper network. Psiber has worldwide offices in Munich, UK, Italy, France and Singapore. Psiber consists of a group of people with diverse backgrounds and vast experience in test and measurement industry in companies like Agilent Technologies, Microtest, Wavetek etc. Psiber accesses markets mainly through reseller channels throughout the world. Psiber Data Pte. Ltd. is the Asia Pacific hub of the Psiber Group and is located in Singapore.

With more than 60% of its staff strength focused on Research and Development, Psiber Singapore also serves as the technology arm of Psiber group. Psiber invests heavily in research in driving the organization and the products towards technology leadership with some very exciting products in the pipeline.

In 2014 Softing AG acquired Psiber Data to extend their product portfolio and to be the expert in testing IT NETWORKS. Now, Psiber Data is part of the Softing Group.

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Beijing Starpoint Technology Company Limited.

Since founded in January 2001, "Beijing StarPoint Technology Co"., Ltd. has always focused on researching and innovating in new technology and products of wireless communications. StarPoint supplies high quality measurement equipment in mobile communication and broadband wireless access terminals among 2G, 3G and 4G, which ensures the quality of our clients' products.

StarPoint has a lot of patents and Computer Software Copyrights. StarPoint is the China's leading R&D and manufacturer of communications test set, terminal RRM conformance test system, protocol analyzer, universal software defined radio platform and etc... In 3G, our company developed the world-first communications test set that supports the TD-SCDMA formats which finally completed the TD-SCDMA industry chain in China. Besides, our products cover most of the major technology formats in terminal testing - GSM, GPRS, EDGE, WCDMA, LTE, WLAN,CMMB and etc... StarPoint use the ISO9001 quality management system to ensure that we are providing the most reliable products and solutions to our clients.

We always trust that the innovation leads the future. By holding this belief, StarPoint will continue researching and innovating in electronics and telecommunications information technologies continuously. We aim to make a contribution to improve the quality of our clients' products.

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