LinkXpert TP




CableMaster 600 Professional cable tester includes 1 x CableMaster 600 main unit, 1 x Remote unit, 6x AA batteries, 2x RJ45 cable, 1x micro USB-cable, 1x pouch

LinkXpert M3 is a versatile cabling and network trobleshooter that helps solving network issues from cabling up to complex Ethernet related problems. With connectivity to all 3 media, copper, fiber and Wi-Fi, LinkXpert M3 is perfect for diagnosing any common LAN Ethernet media.

The device offers a unique combination of cabling tests and extensive ethernet network diagnosis on copper, fiber and Wi-Fi to help users solving daily issues in ethernet networks and to keep the network up and running 24/7. For commissioning networks, LinkXpert can run automated tests that can be configured by the user. For example if new PoE switches had been rolled out, LinkXpert can be configured to just test PoE up to 90W and obtain port information like LLDP. For troubleshooting, users can also run all tests individually, e. g. just use the optional video microscope to inspect fiber optic connectors.


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