WireXpert 500- MMEF WX500-MMEF


WireXpert 500 is an affordable and upgradable cable certification tester that can grow with your cable certification needs. Invest today only in options that are really needed and upgrade the device later when necessary. Options are available for just copper cable certification up to CAT 6A/Class EA, a fiber optic multimode and singlemode tier 1 certification tester and a combined copper and fiber certification tester. The individual options can be upgraded with a license. For example: If today you install copper and in the future require additional fiber cabling installations, you could then upgrade your WireXpert 500 copper certifier to a WireXpert 500-PLUS, a copper and fiber certifier. If you need in the future certification up to CAT 8, all models can be upgraded to that frequency range as well.

  • Perform Tier 1 Certification for ISO/IEC and TIA 568 C.3 Standards
  • Options available to certify length and loss for Singlemode at 1,310 nm-1,550 nm and Multimode EF cabling at 850 nm-1,300 nm
  • Seamlessly integrates copper and fiber reports into eXport report generator software, allowing users to generate professional warranty and certification test reports
  • Double your productivity with DCSTM technology by using your remote unit as an independent optical certifier


WireXpert Cable Certifier c/w; 1x Local, 1x Remote, 2x MMEF adapters. Interchangeable SC adapter included. Cord kits excluded. Supports fiber testing only.


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