About Softing IT Networks

At Softing, our mission as a manufacturer of IT infrastructure measurement technology is to optimize your work processes whether you are certifying copper and fiber optic cables after installation with the WireXpert, or troubleshooting an office network with the NetXpert Ethernet network tester. Our handheld certifiers and testers are approved by vendor independent testing and by internationally recognized test labs. Make the switch to Softing and join the cable installers and network operators around the world that are now experiencing improved efficiency and an optimized work process.

Copper | Certifiers, qualifiers and verifiers

Despite the latest developments in fiber optic cable technology, copper is still the most common medium network installers and system administrators deal with on a daily basis. New transmission classes always present new challenges for measurement technology. In order to carry out correct measurements, both the correct measurement setup and the suitable measuring instrument are important.

Fiber | Certifiers, qualifiers and verifiers

A reliably functioning IT infrastructure forms the backbone of our modern information age. Especially in data centers, but also in the backbone area of companies and in campus cabling, more and more fiber optic technology is being used today. With increasing bandwidths and ever higher demands on fiber optic cabling, it is no longer sufficient to simply plug cables together and assume that everything will work. The fast and reliable testing of this cabling becomes an absolute “must”.

Ethernet | Qualifier, active Lan tester and verifier

“Ethernet is Everywhere”, this winged saying of a manufacturer of active network components must be accepted today without reservation. In the meantime, Ethernet has not only established itself as a transport protocol in the office world, but has also conquered a firm place in data centres, industrial applications and even in the home sector. It is therefore essential for the installer and operator of networks to have extensive testing facilities at their disposal in order to guarantee the smooth functioning of the network. Different tests are required for both installation and MACs (Moves, Adds & Changes, Add, Change), as well as for troubleshooting. Until now, several test devices for the passive and active level were required. Today, the term “Ethernet” refers to the physical interface, i.e. the transmission medium, such as cables and connectors, as well as the transmission protocol, as the basis for the well-known “TCP/IP” world, the logical functions of the network components. Ethernet is now establishing itself as a general communication protocol outside office and home cabling in wide areas of industry and in the automotive sector, and is becoming more and more popular as a standard. Common catchwords here are IoT (Internet of Things) and IIoE (Industrial Internet of Things). Testing does not usually focus on extreme transmission speeds, but rather on special cabling configurations, mating faces and environmental conditions depending on the application.